BLENCHI ELITE PROK IBOP SPR                                Emilion x Lord                                            HOLST 890


Damline:         HOLST 890

Pedigree:        Emilion x Lord


Size:             1.68

Color:            dark brown   

Birthyear:       2006

In foal to:       Levisto   

Blenchi GPH is the halfsister of  CSI***** Pamela (Animo) with Edward Doyle. Blenchi’s son Clinton Wins belongs to the best 5 yrs old in Hungary and was selected for the WC in Lanaken. Maltia by Raimond is the granddam of Casall Ask CSI***** and Blenchi GPH. Granddam Zypresse IV her sister Taura and halfsisters Kira XVII, Chamonix and Dunja XIII produced:  CSI***** approved Casall Ask with Rolf Goran Bengtsson, the approved holsteiner stallions Cesano I & II;  CSI***** Capone I  with Candice King & approved stallion Capone II;  CSI*****Crocodile Dundee with Alison Firestone,  CSI***** Conally with Markus Renzel,  CSI***** Caitano with  Ulrich Kirchhoff and CSI***** Corinessa with Hubert Bourdy.

Casall ASK